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Shopping Cart Solutions For Very Small Business

What is the definition of a very small business? It varies from resource to resource, but here we define a very small business as a company with 2 to 4 employees and a gross income of less than $200,000 per year. The Federal Government defines a business making up to and even more than $10 Million as Small Business.

Think of the store on the corner run my Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public with maybe a family member or friend helping out. To us that is what a very small business (VSB) is. Putting your VSB on the Internet is a sure way to increase your bottom line without increasing the overall size of your business model. Simply sell online, what you sell in your store on Main Street and those extra dollars will really add up.

Until now, there just hasn't been an affordable shopping cart solution for a VSB, not one that really is a solution. Affordable plans from most of the shopping cart solution providers are bare bones and are quickly out grown. As you add more and more products and increase your traffic, you must move up to a bigger plan and then another until you're spending $300 to $500 a month on their services. There are more than a few that charge $1,200 to $1,500 a month to give you what we give you for our low price.

Throughout the demo sites of the webstore and admin panel and your live webstore and admin panel, when you sign up for our services, you will see the name AbanteCart or this logo on the left. They are the creators of this amazing shopping cart software and we are experts at implementing and customizing it.


We use the latest in technology to insure your customers have the best shopping experience on the planet. We use 100% Mobile Ready (responsive) website design with our shopping cart solution. Our servers are state of the art with solid state drives and quadruple redundant internet backbone connections. When you test dive the demo, you'll see how blazingly fast your web store will be.

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Unlimited Products

Others have tiered pricing depending on product count

Website Hosting Included

Unlimited - Super Fast Solid State Drive Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth / Website Traffic

FREE SSL Certificate

Your own certificate, mobile compatible, not a shared version

Daily Automatic Backups

Keep your work safe and sound

No Set-up Fees

US Based Support

Built-In Newsletter
Eye Catching Scrolling Testimonial Display

Many Free and Low Cost Add-Ons

Free skin color change at time of purchase - 42 to choose from

Multiple Payment Gateways and Shipping Options Are Available

Outside US/Canada May Not Be Supported At This Time

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